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Galileo Galilei - Snakes And Ladders

Galileo Galilei - Snakes And Ladders

Life has its ups and downs but with persistence, you will always reach your goal! 

Galileo Galilei was a college dropout but he changed how we look at our planet!

In his days’ people believed that the earth was flat, but he observed, experimented, and knew that this was not true. He stood up for his beliefs, had many setbacks and failures but he didn’t give up for what he believed in.

This Galileo DIY Snakes and Ladders includes:

  • An introduction to Galileo Galilei
  • Print and color Snakes & Ladders board
  • 6 cut and color 3D game pieces & dice including Pisa, Telescope, Galileo, Thermoscope
  • Learn about elements that are related to Galileo, his invention, and his life

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