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MegaGeex Story

Hi there!

Thank you for stopping by :) 

My name is Daniel, founder of MegaGeex. I started the company back in 2018 to inspire and influence my 6 year old twin girls toward believing that they can do ANYTHING they want. 

My girls didn’t take my word for it. They wanted to see proof! 

So I set out to find real stories of real people that could provide support to my thesis, and soon enough I started to see that almost all the famous, successful people that we know and love had a very bumpy ride throughout their lives to say the least. 

People like Thomas Edison who invented the light-bulb but only after failing thousands of times in the process. Or the Wright Brothers, who were called liars at first when they claimed that they flew an airplane. Marie Curie who almost starved and froze to death while studying and of course Albert Einstein who is considered a genius today but couldn’t get a job as a teacher when he first started his career. My list goes on and on.

I gathered all these amazing stories and characters and with the help of an amazing team of artists, writers and talented individuals set out to build my own personal dream of inspiring the imagination of my twin girls and every other kid out there!

Would you join me on this journey? I’d love it if you do!

Let’s show kids that success happens over night - usually after many years of attempts, failures and struggles :)

Daniel Scalosub


P.S. In the photo below you can see me and my girls in our first trade fair when I just started ❤️



























Address: HaKohav 29 Raanana Israel

Phone: +972-54-7620175


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