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Madam C. J. Walker - 3D color-by-number

Madam C. J. Walker - 3D color-by-number

What Can Madam CJ Walker Teach Your Kids About Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Madam CJ Walker: first female self-made millionaire

Madam Walker was also the daughter of freed slaves and orphaned at the age of seven. She worked as a washerwoman before building a haircare empire that transformed her life and the lives of many other African American women.

It’s all about hard work

How did she do it? One step at a time, of course. And despite setbacks, she never gave up.
She toured the South selling her miracle pomade door-to-door before she made it big.

The Activities

This week’s worksheet will help every child understand that simply putting one foot in front of another will bring them closer to their goals, even if those goals seem very far away at first. It includes:

  • Introduction to the life of C.J. Walker, and why her work was so important
  • Word search that encourages concentration and persistence
  • Color-by-numbers picture to get your kid’s creative juices flowing
  • 3-D character that brings the scene to life!

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