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Thomas Edison - Color and Cut Puzzle

Thomas Edison - Color and Cut Puzzle

Starting out is hard...

Thomas Edison learned his first real business lesson when he invented the voting machine. It was intended to speed up the voting process. Edison didn’t take into account that politicians don’t want to speed this process up…it allows them to stall and make side deals.

So he failed.

After his first invention failed to sell, Thomas Edison vowed never to make something that couldn’t be sold. He moved on to invent the Quadruplex telegraph and later sold it to Western Union for $10,000 in 1874.

Throughout his life, Edison failed many times. But you never really fail if you don’t give up, or as Edison put it: you just find many ways things don’t work.

Skills learned in this printable:

  • Solve puzzles
  • Build resilience and determination
  • Embrace failures
  • ...And of course, how not to give up!

You can turn this printable into a mini-poster in your kids' room as a reminder to Edison and his inspiring stories.


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