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The Complete Playbook of Geometry, Measurement and Data {Print-at-Home PDF}

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Revolutionize your kids' math education

Who is this book for?

This book covers the 4th-grade math Common Core State Standards.
Now that doesn’t mean your child needs to be in 4th grade to enjoy this book or learn these subjects!
It just means these are the subjects covered in the 4th-grade common core standards.
Go at your own pace, there’s no rush. Take your time and have fun.

This book is perfect for anyone that has mastered these subjects:

  • Addition - including multi-digits
  • Subtraction - including multi-digits
  • Multiplication - including multi-digits
  • Division - including multi-digits
  • Write and identify fractions
  • Telling time

If you need more help in these areas, we suggest checking out our math books.

What does the book cover?

  • Review basic operations
  • Units of Measurement:
    • Introduction to the imperial and metric systems of measurement
    • Learn the units of measurement for weight, distance, and volume
    • Convert units into larger and smaller units

  • Calculate Time:
    • Start times and end times
    • Elapsed times

  • Geometry:
    • Identify geometric line types
    • Recognize symmetrical shapes and lines
    • Identify and classify different geometric shapes

  • Angles:
    • Acute, right, obtuse, and straight angles
    • Angles as a fraction of a circle
    • Measure, estimate, and draw angles with a protractor
    • Adjacent angles

  • Data:
    • Area
    • Perimeter
    • Area and Perimeter to determine cost
    • Create and interpret data using line plots

Plus loads of fun activities pages to help you practice!

By the time your kid finishes, they'll be able to measure the ingredients for a pie, and calculate what time it will finish baking. When it’s ready, they could discover the angle for a perfect slice of pie and create a line plot to chart how many slices they eat each day.

Common Core Standard Codes:

  • 4.MD.A.1 - Measurement of customary and metric units of length, weight, and volume.
  • 4.MD.A.2 - Mixed units four operations word problems.
  • 4.G.A.1 - Draw and identify points, lines, line segments, rays, angles, and perpendicular and parallel lines.
  • 4.G.A.3 - Identify line-symmetric figures and draw lines of symmetry.
  • 4.MD.C.5 - Acute, Right, Obtuse and Straight Angles. Measure angles on a circle and as a fraction of a circle.
  • 4.MD.C.6 - Measure and draw angles using a protractor.
  • 4.MD.C.7 - Adjacent angles: Addition and subtraction problems to find unknown angles
  • 4.G.A.2 - Right, Acute, Obtuse Triangle. Quadrilaterals. Identify and classify Parallelograms, Trapezoids, Rectangles and Rhombus.
  • 4.MD.A.3 - Find Area and Perimeter using formulas.
  • 4.MD.B.4 - Create and interpret data


  • Follows NCTM & Common Core 4th grade standards
  • Over 120 pages of learning geometry, measurement, and data through engaging and interactive games like mazes, connect the dots, spot the differences, secret messages and more!
  • Easy learning with extra-detailed self-learning teaching pages.
  • STEAM Focused: Along with math practice and games, kids learn about art, history, and science with Einstein, Curie, Newton and the megaGeex.
  • Develop a growth mindset and learn valuable problem-solving skills.
  • Bonus content: Fun facts, trivia, and inspirational posters.
  • Brain breaks: We’ve included some math-free pages to help them improve focus and concentration.

Meet the Megageex

All of our activities are inspired by the lives of our Megageex characters, important figures from history that have helped to shape our world.

Discover fun facts and trivia about these characters and their chosen fields throughout the book as you complete the puzzles.

Who will they meet along the way? Nikola Tesla, Rosalind Franklin, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, The Wright Brothers, Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Madam C. J. Walker, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jane Austen, Charles Darwin, Alexander Graham Bell, Ada Lovelace, Mark Twain, Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Helen Keller, Marco Polo, Frida Kahlo, Rachel Carson, Michelangelo, Henry Ford, Niels Bohr, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, Alexander Fleming, Michael Faraday, and George Washington Carver.

Screen-Free Activities

Your child will be doing math and learning valuable history and science with Physicists, Scientists, Authors, Artists, Sculptors, Environmentalists, Entrepreneurs and more!  

100% Happiness Guaranteed

We design every product to the highest quality standard to inspire the minds of children. If your kid is not happy with our products, please let us know and we’ll make it right.

So What Are You Waiting for? 

Grab your pencil, crayons, scissors, and glue. Let’s go on this fun-filled mathematical journey!

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