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Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin 3D DIY Mini set {Print-at-Home PDF}

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British-born American astronomer who made significant contributions to the field of astrophysics. She is best known for her pioneering work on the classification of stars based on their spectra, which helped to establish the modern understanding of the composition and evolution of stars She discovered that stars consist mainly of hydrogen and helium. She demonstrated the classification of stars according to temperature. She is also the first woman to become head of a department at Harvard.

Kit Details:

  • Includes Gaposchkin 3D DIY model and coloring page
  • Ages 6+. Children under 8 with parent help.
  • Estimated project time - 2 hours
  • Supplies needed: Scissors and glue


  • Fine motor skills
  • Following multi-step directions
  • Attention to detail
  • History

Building character with Gaposchkin: The value of hard work, creativity, persistence, and having the courage to break through barriers.

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